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B&W Express top
"Dick Growitz and I made contact for the express purpose of having DG Associates handle the liquidation of my company.

After reviewing my situation, Mr. Growitz advised that though we might pursue the sale, unless we increased the economic value, the business would be sold at a greatly reduced price. I gave him approval to "turn" the company around. . . .

As a result of these efforts, in May, the company earned its first profit in 6-months, . . . .I had enough tools at hand to manage the business better than we ever had historically.

Using DG Associates to help solve my problems was not only one of the best business decisions I have made but it was an investment in the future."

Charles E. Theroux,

Hampton Cooperative Bank top
"Your lead participation at the Hampton Co-operative Bank Business Forum helped to make our event a success. We have received very favorable comments from all those who attended. I appreciate your efforts and cooperation on our behalf."

Paul A. Perregaux,

Massachusetts Motor Transportation Association, Inc. top
"Your presentation was hard-hitting, relevant and of particular interest to our membership. In this period of economic down-turn, creative approaches to managing small companies become very important especially in the Massachusetts trucking industry which is experiencing unusual cost increases and heavy outside competition. Your techniques and methods as discussed in the seminar offer an excellent alternative management style for those carriers who must better control and organize their businesses in order to survive."

Kevin M. Kiley,

Mass Transportation, Inc. top
"Dick Growitz . . . was instrumental in developing and installing financial controls .
Monthly and annual profit/(loss) budgets
Profit/(loss) monthly variance analysis
Accelerated billing procedures to improve cash flow
Program to collect old receivables

To increase our sales, he was the impetus in developing an aggressive marketing program . . . . On the operational side, he developed and helped us install daily and weekly activity budgets designed to monitor, control and provide goals for our dispatching and driver activities. . . . Dick's personal, roll-up-you-sleeve approach and interpersonal skills helped us reorganize the Company, clearly define areas of responsibility for our managers and generally increased the effectiveness and the quality of our decision making.

In a period of 3 months, the company was able to increase sales 15% and move from a loss to earnings of about $100,000 on an annual basis. We were quite satisfied with D.G. Associates and would highly recommend their services."

Wayne L. Spencer,
Chief Financial Officer

Milton Trading Corporation
"After discussing my situation, DG Associates reacted quickly and helped develop and implement some short term strategies designed to stop my downward plunge. The strategy addressed our costs - operating and fixed; a restructuring of our sales functions; and the development of a business plan to be used as a basis of discussion with my creditors.

I am firmly convinced that my investment in the services of DG Associates was one of the best business decisions I have made and I fully intend to continue using their services."

Joseph M. Gilboy,

Ackerman Roofing
"Frank Swiniarski was a significant force in helping us "turn-the-corner." Working with our Company quite closely, he developed and implemented . . . major programs which put us on the road to serious profitability."

Chuck Ackerman,

Providence Chain Co. top
"In his role of business advisor, he [Dick Growitz] has helped Providence Chain to better position itself to take advantage of the potential within the jewelry chain industry. He has assisted us strategically and operationally to:

Realign our middle management, train the managers, and push responsibility down into the organization. . . ., define and implement sales and marketing strategies . . . ., clarify our [upper management] own roles so that now we can better chart and manage the growth of our company . . . ., [and] better define financing alternatives to fund our future growth.

We highly recommend D.G. Associates and expect to use their services as our needs develop.

John Ouhrabka,
Treasurer, CFO/Owner

The Lawn Company, Inc. top
"Richard Growitz . . . has been creative in helping me reorganize my company so it will continue to grow, yet still provide the personalized service so necessary to the success of my business. His "hands on" approach is effective and he had trained my managers and supervisors so they know how to approach operating problems and manage their people more effectively. . . . I have found that the quality of work and the communications within the company have increased substantially . . . . I am quite pleased with my new structure . . . . I highly recommend the services of Dick Growitz of D.G. Associates."

Edwin D. McGuire,

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Clients Say

"DG Associates . . .was . . . one of the best business decisions I . . . made. . ."B & W Express

"In a period of 3 months, the company was able to increase sales 15% . . ."
Mass Transportation Inc.

"DG Associates helped develop and implement short term strategies to stop my downward plunge "
Milton Trading

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