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The DG Associates' Approach

As A Business Owner
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Did you know that....
-Many of the proven approaches that worked for us so well in the past, won't work for us today! In this day and age, we face a world of rapid, subtle, and ongoing change.

Do You....
-Want to understand the key ingredients necessary to reach business success?
-Need a more stable cash flow?
-Want to end the daily badgering of your creditors and the harangue of unsympathetic bankers?
-Want to respond logically to business problems as they arise and before they become overwhelming?
-Feel you should earn more, considering the long hours you work and the level of responsibility you have?
-Wish you had a better feel for your markets and could develop a more effective sales strategy?
-Believe in your heart, that your organization could be more effective . . . "tuned in"?
-Want to complete routine work tasks without constantly fighting fires and end the Daily Survival Battle?
-Wish you could expand or sell your business . . . but don't know how?

DG Associates is Different -- top

DG Associates is not a "White Paper" consultant. We do not just tell you what to do, we work with you to implement Strategies, Business Plans, and Techniques designed to strengthen your Company and increase your profits. We produce results, not reports. Working directly with you, we uncover your business problems, develop proven solutions and teach you to manage your Company more effectively. This brings about Constructive and Lasting economic change.

DG Associates will not forget you, either. About 90 days after our assignment with you is complete, we will return for an advisory visit, NOT an extra fee, but rather a part of our commitment to your best interest. This return visit answers any questions you may have regarding the continued implementation of your long range plan.

DG Associates recognizes the untapped potential of your Management, united and working toward a common goal. We are proven builders of well-trained, decision-making management teams.

Our Winning Approach
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1. Locate your problem areas

Before you take action, evaluate your business. Identify your strong and your weak areas. Then pinpoint the causes of weakness. Use both inside and outside help. Do it quickly. This is critical!

2. Assemble a turn-around team
Select "roll-up-your-sleeves" people who will take charge and attack problems . . . you must have people who will take immediate, positive action.

3. Establish a budget
Budget specific operating standards. Project your labor and other operating costs. Set clearly defined income and performance goals and expense limits. Review your collections and billing procedures. Act promptly and improve your short term cash flow.

4. Do an inventory of everything
Inventory both supplies and personnel, at all levels. This Resource Inventory is an area in which outside advisors can give direction and improve efficiency.

5. Brainstorm for new ideas
Evaluate your existing marketing plan. Ask current staff members for their ideas. People are probably the most under-utilized resources in industry today. Implement their ideas!

6. Pinpoint your market
You have to know which segments to target before developing a marketing plan. You have to keep up with trends and market shifts. Your market literally could change overnight . . . from non-competitive to extremely competitive. If it did, how would you react and become a winner?

7. Develop a marketing plan

After you determine your market, develop a plan that will allow you to reach your target. Make sure you have qualified and experienced people drafting and executing the plan.

8. Improve employee training

A "great" plan is worthless unless you have "great" employees to carry it out. Train your employees at all levels. Training is best defined as "the process by which we communicate expected behavior." Training should follow these steps:
Tell, Show, Do, Review.

9. Analyze your debt to equity relationship
Excessive debt causes dangerous financial problems and cash drains. If your cash flow does not cover your day-to-day costs and debt service, seek relief from your lenders. Consider refinancing on more favorable terms or, if necessary, bring in equity from new investors. Improve your cost structure to create additional cash flow.

10. Plan for capital improvements
Make sure your capital improvements are in line with your operating and marketing plans. Develop a capital budget first. Check your cash flow . . . then spend. But don't buy just because you can't pass up a "good deal."

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"DG Associates . . .was . . . one of the best business decisions I . . . made. . ."B & W Express

"In a period of 3 months, the company was able to increase sales 15% . . ."
Mass Transportation Inc.

"DG Associates helped develop and implement short term strategies to stop my downward plunge "
Milton Trading

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